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I like this gym better than the Rec Center and Laban. Has everything you need and more, so you never feel crowded. The 24 hour access is great. I'm working shift work in Thompson, and they offer month to month payment which is great since I'm from out of town, but still want a chance to work out.

Janice Overend

Reasonably well-priced and clean. The staff fix/replace equipment in a timely manner most of the time and the 24-hour card access is the best.

Mark Nemeth

It's a good gym and the owner is pleasant and reasonable. 24 hour access is very good

Michael H

Staff's always friendly and helpful.

Rene Chevillard

Great staff, great selection of equipment and a lot of product to purchase! The place is great for people if they're shy starting off, but has a friendly vibe if you like to socialize. This gym makes me feel so comfortable. Love this place!

Liz Kinley

Gym with all the equipment you can ask for. Great supplement variety aswell. Friendly service from the owner. Clean and well organized. Short term gym membership with 24/7 access. GREAT Experience overall.

Steffen Funk

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We are more than just a gym

We are a community

With our vast experience and years of knowledge, the Iron Fitness team will always be there to guide you through any fitness goals. Whether it’s working towards a healthier lifestyle or getting in shape for an upcoming event – we’re here every step along your journey with advice on how best to accomplish those long-term objectives!
Our 24 hour gym has everything you need, whether you want an intense workout by yourself or need personal training. We’ll be there for you!

Thompson, MB

We are a fitness community.

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We believe in the diversity of people, bodies and emotional health! This gym is for everyone that is wanting to work on themselves and is home to a wide range of individuals of every age, body type, and level of fitness.

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Serving Thompson, Manitoba, For over 30 years..

Our gym has been a fitness home for everyone. From conventional lifters, hockey players, basketball players, power lifters, HIIT training, box jumpers, and really, anyone who wants to work on themselves, we have them all. Iron Fitness in Thompson, Manitoba, has always been a safe place to work out. Our no judgement zone, which offers a helping hand to everyone who is starting out, is what sets us apart.


Hours of operation
24 Hours

Staffed Hours
Monday – Tuesday:
12:00 PM – 8:00PM

12:00 PM – 6:00PM

12:00 PM – 8:00PM

12:00 PM – 6:00PM

12:00 PM – 4:00PM

No Staff

73 Hayes Rd, Thompson, MB R8N 1M3

Contact us:
Office : (204)778-5533
Lindsay: (204)-679-6219



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