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Aerobic and Resistance Training, which one should you do (1)

We all know that exercise is a very important part of our weekly routine to maximize our bodies for optimal health and well-being, but the questions is, what type of workout should you do? Is there a better exercise that works better to achieve your goals, such as losing weight or increasing muscle mass faster? If so, why do some workouts seem to be more effective than a regular activity such as walking daily or simply stretching? The answer lies within how your body adapts during different types of workouts.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and of two popular types of exercises done at our gym which are aerobic training (cardiovascular training) and weight training.

What exactly does Aerobic Exercise do for your Health?

While an overall balanced diet and staying away from cholesterol is very beneficial to your health, Aerobic exercise or Cardiovascular exercise is the best type of physical training for a healthier heart. When you do cardio training for 55 minutes or more, you consistently increase your blood flow to all parts of our bodies, including brain cells! Which means that you get more training targeting your heart! You might be thinking, “I feel like I can hear my heart pounding,” while on you are on our stair master’s at Iron Fitness Inc in Manitoba, but that’s because the oxygen-bearing red blood cells are being pumped through your heart’s arteries and veins through your cardiovascular system.  That’s a good thing

What exactly does Resistance Training do for your health?

Resistance exercise is a great way to grow your muscles and become stronger. It can also improve your lifting power and muscle endurance! The most common types of resistance training that we do at Iron fitness Inc in Manitoba include weightlifting, squats, bench presses back pulls and band. When you start resistance training, your muscles undergo hormonal changes that lead to increased protein synthesis and growth. Your body responds differently to both aerobic and resistance training. That’s why they can’t be replaced by each other!

The question really lies under which one should you do: resistance training or Cardiovascular training?

The simple answer is: “both” but…

You should start with what you need the most. If your cardiovascular health needs to be tended to and that you need to lose weight fast, then you need to do Cardiovascular training.

If you are having problems lifting things, have muscle weakness then or want to have a better physique/ body composition, then you need to do resistance training first!

Both Aerobic and Resistance Training play an important role in maintaining your health. Aerobic activity helps you lose weight by burning off visceral fat (those are the adipose tissue around your organs) while resistance training builds muscle which keeps us functioning throughout the day; all these are a very important part of your exercise routine and that is why we provide you all the equipment you need at our gym here at Iron Fitness Inc in Thompson, Manitoba.

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